Asset management integrates the people, process and tools needed to accurately track physical hardware assets. Our AssetTrac technology is the best RFID asset tracking solution on the market, offering flexibility, scalability and turnkey integration with popular IT asset management and procurement systems. We will develop bespoke tools that suit your business

How it works helps companies track and manage their IT asset inventory so that they can spend less, stay compliant, and forecast the future. We offer modern scanning tools, tracking software and business processes required to keep large asset databases complete, current and accurate.

It is just not a tracking system, it is a job sceduler for engineers to download jobs created at base, signatures collected and images taken at the customer site.

We bring you the benefits of a deep knowledge of automated data capture (RFID) for the tagging, tracking and reconciliation of IT hardware asset repositories.

Our asset tracking solution integrates seamlessly with your existing systems. We provide your existing tools with complete, current, and accurate asset data, allowing you to maximize the value of your existing investment.

Benefits of Our Assettrac System

Easy To Use

Assettrac has a modern and easy-to-use web based interface and native apps , asset management has never been so easy and effective. IT is modern and flexible, ensuring the program is easy for everyone to use and comprehensive enough to satisfy the advanced user.

Cloud Storage & Database

Assettrac provides a central source of information and the ability to easily customize the database. In one central area you store all the lifecycle details of an asset; such as, signatures, warranty, maintenance, physical location and other key dates or documents.  All data is stored in SQL Server which is dependable, secure and built to scale, No more sharing database files or spreadsheets.

Track & Control Assets

We Support multiple fixed and mobile data collection technologies including Bar Coding, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) or the need to use both at the same time.  We Use Smartphones  and q readers with your own easy to build data collection routines to collect and update your Database.


Assettrac remains a front-runner with RFID and continues to push the envelope forward with asset tracking solutions using our new qfid bluettoth reader mobile app . Plus tested/proven Passive Asset Tracking Tags.


Assettrac is built using best-of-class technologies and is an extensible solution with an enterprise grade design and robust scalability.


Access to detailed information on; Assets, Locations, Suppliers, Asset Users, Purchasing Details, Maintenance History, Attached Documents and Financial Details.   Included is the ability to add custom fields, user forms, build database queries or your own professional reports.


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