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The assettrac portal, is a suite of cloud based modules designed to cater for businesses that require many of the following modules: CRM , Invoicing , Asset management, Purchase orders , fleet management , transport schedules, Email Marketing and dashboards or our smart Epos system for pubs and restaurants

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About Us was founded in 2004. We are proud to have a very experienced and flexible team who support many long-standing relationships using our cloud-based software. We supply asset management systems along with custom bespoke applications depending on a customers requirements.

  • Our servers are hosted in Dublin
  • All code is developed in house
  • Support ticket portal, track any issue
  • Account manager for each client

Our team of skilled software developers navigate through multiple languages and disciplines to ensure that the performance, functionality and usability of the management system is always the best it can be.
Our mobile developers work across both the Android and iOS platform to build apps in native languages thereby ensure that the best features from the operating systems are used to streamline processes.
The team are constantly developing to keep up with market trends and new operational features are taken advantage of as well as ensuring security and keeping up with the system advancements.

Assettrac System Modules

Modules can be customed designed to fit your requirements

  • 01 CRM

    Our CRM Module allows for the creation of customers, track sale calls, schedule Appointments similar to Salesforce, Email and email tracking. It also supports invoicing and payments.

  • Create products and have full stock control, assign asset tags , even rfid . We can track manually, by our app or using iot devices. Assign cost and retail price to allow for invoice creation.

  • Our job module allows for the creation of jobs, that are assigned to your employees , collection, deliverory or maintenance. Track the jobs progress and signatures ,

  • The fleet management module provides driver checklist templates , add vehilcles, RSA Calendar. Cost and scheduled events

  • Create suppliers, create po and email

  • Create certification for temperature or FGAS , create calendar for nect certificate event



An effortless way to collect, analyze, and act on invoice , job and maintenance data. Stop hunting through binders and spreadsheets to create reports. Start getting actionable insights on demand with CMS. Reports can be generated on nearly aspects of the system, we can create new reports when deemed necessary.

Dashboard Configure personal or shared dashboards that provide real time KPI information. Choose between dozens of widgets and widget filters and view data from all sites or one site to organize your data. Click through widgets to fast track to the source of your data

Reports Choose from over 100 templated reports. Build your own reports with our custom report builder. Have reports automatically sent to your inbox on a regular basis

Audit All activities completed in your Portal are captured and recorded in a central audit log


Everything you need to manage 1000s of customers, invoices, jobs, assets, fleets and parts in a few clicks

Custom application development

We buid custom, enterprise-level utilities and applications to streamline processes and improve workflows.

Platform-based product customization

With profound knowledge of tech platforms and components, we create software with an optimal set of out-of-the-box and custom features.

Legacy application redesign

We redesign outdated systems, refactor their code, migrate legacy apps to newer platforms, and review their architectures to give them a new lease life.

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A selection of our modules in action

  • Portal
  • Assets
  • Epos
  • Fleet


Client Portal

asset dashboard

Asset Dashboard





List of Jobs

asset list

Asset List

fleet dashboard

Fleet Dashboard

epso system


asset jobs

Asset Jobs

transport scheduler

Transport Scheduler


Vehicles & Trailers

Fleet Event Calendar

Fleet Event Calendar

Epos Tables

Epos Tables


Our flexible and streamlined pricing structure can suit any budget.

Our asset portal and technology can cater for all but we understand each one of our clients’ circumstances can be different and attribute licence fees accordingly. Assettrac provides all elements to an asset management project or just specific elements. We tailor costs specifically to stand apart from other bloated systems with modules that would be half-used.

Access with either an annual subscription, with continuing support built in, or fix costs for a longer term with a multi-year agreement.

Payments can be annual or monthly if you’d need it to come out of a revenue rather than capital budget.

Licences can be for 1-3 users up to enterprise asset management applications. Different options can be quickly discussed.

Flexible cost structure around the number of users, the scale and scope of your scenario, not the number of assets you may have to manage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got any questions? We have the answers.

  • How do you count assets and unique items?

    Each active asset is counted separately. For example, if you have 10 laptops which have to be tracked uniquely, these will be counted as 10 separate assets. Discarded and deleted assets are not included in the active asset count.
    For products, these are counted indiviually as well, but can be sub divided into units of measure, tank of oil , usage in liters

  • Assettrac Management module has no limit on users, administrators or external users , assets or items tracked. You can add as many users as needed.

  • We accept all payment methods. We use Stripe as our payment gateway which accepts most of the credit cards. You can also request an invoice for a bank transfer or wire transfer.

  • No limits any time or hidden charges

  • There are no limitations on storage. You can upload as many files and images with your assets, as you need. There are no hidden charges. Everything is included in the subscription charges mentioned above.

  • Assettrac works with all sort of tags and stickers. There are a variety of tags & stickers available in the market for different use cases. We sell tags but we will be happy to help you in pointing the best vendors in your region. Please reach out to us and we will help you in identifying the tags and stickers for your requirements.


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