Asset Management

Asset Management software to plan, track, and optimize your assets

Easily create, complete, and analyze thousands of work orders in less time. Reduce costs, skyrocket productivity, and boost asset performance.
Managing your assets shouldn’t be guesswork. Our asset management module lets you easily see and manage all equipment information in one place— everything from repair history and cost, to hierarchy, parts consumption, and more.

Benefits. To your Business

Reduce Admin Cost

Create, customize, and attach QR codes or barcodes to any asset, part, or work order. Scan them with a mobile device to instantly see asset information.

Get a complete view of maintenance across multiple sites

Organize users, assets, inventory, purchases, and tasks by location. Plan, schedule, and trigger work by timezone and get real-time updates and KPIs from each site.

Avoid stockouts with clear notifications

Associate parts that belong to your assets. Set minimum quantity thresholds on parts. Create alerts when parts are low to help plan ahead and reduce any unnecessary downtime due to low spares. Order the right quantity of parts to avoid unnecessary spending.

Ensure precise documentation

Track the health of assets over time by having access to a full work order history on all of your assets. Ensure consistency around asset documentation with QR codes. Technicians can quickly scan an asset and pull up all of its information, including warranty, parts, and more.

Requests & Fullfilment

Allow your organization employees to raise requests for assets & items. Assign requests after approval workflows. Asset Infinity finds the unassigned stock for these requests automatically.